Vain in the morning.

Started october with a bunch of throwback stories and photos with friends. It made me realize how much we’ve changed and what part of our lives stayed the same. Although it feels good to relieve past memories, I still hate myself for being “me” years ago. Guess I couldn’t change that anymore. So yeah, live with it Tin!

It’s October and nothing’s new except my brother’s tablet and the ink our mother sent. The tasks are still the same and of course I haven’t done anything yet. Wish this month’ll be more productive than the past months I had this semester.

I know this line’s overused but I think I really need it now.


High School ❤
My HS life summarized in one picture.

High School ❤
My HS life summarized in one picture.

Everything. Every memory flashes back. And I can’t sleep. I can hear your voice. It echoes in my mind saying those words that only I can hear. I remember you. I remember everything about you. And it sucks to know that these images are only memories of the past. Everything sucks at this point. Everything.

Gusto ko. Kaso

Sana may “request to follow” saka “block” sa tumblr. Please.

I don’t want another week like this. Masyadong mabigat. Masyadong negative. Masyadong life changing. Ang daming bad news. Ang sakit.

You never realize how crazy you really are, until you start to care for someone.

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I don’t want to lose another important person in my life. Whatever I can and need to do, I will do. I love you so much. I promise that I’ll be with you whatever happens. And always remember, I’m your forever best friend. Take care.

Sasabihin ko ba? Syempre hindi. Baka ako pa mapasama. Pero konti na lang mamumura na kita. Hahaha. Sino? Gusto mong malaman? Edi ikaw. Tangina mo eh. Ayan nasabi ko na. Tangina mo. Tangina mo. Hahahaha. Leche. Mag-aral ka na lang. Kainis. Simpleng rule di magawa. Chupi na. Kingina mo. Di ka bagay dito. Hahaha ✌

“Another week gone wrong”

Eh nakainom ako ng almost 2 bottles of Tanduay Ice. Kaya ito, nakatulog ng maaga imbis na makagawa ng assignment. Why am I sharing this? Wala lang. Gising na ko eh. Nakainom na din ng hot choco. Nakaharap ko na din ang naglolokong laptop ko. Nakapagbasa na ko ng tweets. Nakapaglaro na ko ng Throne Rush. Nakapag Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram at Yahoo na ko (seryoso) pero hindi ko pa din nagagawa assignment ko. Ilang oras na kong gising pero hindi ko pa din nagagawa yung reason kung bakit ako gumising ng maaga. Anong point ko? Wala lang. Gusto ko lang magpost.

This day marks the supposedly 4 years and 2 months of our relationship. Kumbaga, graduate na kami ng high school and now were going to college. And we did. After 4 years we broke up and went our separate ways. He’s there, far away and I’m still here at the place where everything started. It’s sad that everything has it’s own end and unfortunately, we met ours. We graduated from the 4 years of our lives together and now were moving to the phase where we will live each of our lives alone.

Selfies with my all time best friend 👍❤

I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I really want to talk to you.