Eh nakainom ako ng almost 2 bottles of Tanduay Ice. Kaya ito, nakatulog ng maaga imbis na makagawa ng assignment. Why am I sharing this? Wala lang. Gising na ko eh. Nakainom na din ng hot choco. Nakaharap ko na din ang naglolokong laptop ko. Nakapagbasa na ko ng tweets. Nakapaglaro na ko ng Throne Rush. Nakapag Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram at Yahoo na ko (seryoso) pero hindi ko pa din nagagawa assignment ko. Ilang oras na kong gising pero hindi ko pa din nagagawa yung reason kung bakit ako gumising ng maaga. Anong point ko? Wala lang. Gusto ko lang magpost.

This day marks the supposedly 4 years and 2 months of our relationship. Kumbaga, graduate na kami ng high school and now were going to college. And we did. After 4 years we broke up and went our separate ways. He’s there, far away and I’m still here at the place where everything started. It’s sad that everything has it’s own end and unfortunately, we met ours. We graduated from the 4 years of our lives together and now were moving to the phase where we will live each of our lives alone.

Selfies with my all time best friend 👍❤

I can’t help it. I’m sorry. I really want to talk to you.

So I went to the Manila International Book Fair 2014 without buying any books. Hahahaha. Fail. Sobrang daming tao, talagang makikipagsiksikan ka at pipila ka ng mahaba makabili lang. Kaya nag-ikot na lang kami. Ang dami kong gustong bilhing books lalo na yung pang-engineering kaso sobrang mahal, di ko afford. Ang lungkot lang talagang makapunta sa ganung fair tapos wala kang nabili. Cry cry. Next year na lang siguro, biglaan lang din kasi eh. Sigh.


I can see you looking at me but I can’t bare to look back. And no one has ever looked at me the way your eyes do. I know, because it felt different. You weren’t touching me, you were not saying anything but it seemed that we’re connecting. I can’t look back ‘cause I might do something crazy ‘though I want to. There’s something in your eyes that melts me when I look. It’s this “thing” that makes me want to withdraw from you.

Nakakahiya magpost ng picture sa Insta kaya dito na lang. Ang ganda ko kasi talaga dyan. Hahaha de jk lang.


Nakakahiya magpost ng picture sa Insta kaya dito na lang. Ang ganda ko kasi talaga dyan. Hahaha de jk lang.


  • It's really magical how music can turn things around.


I can’t compose the exact lines to express how I feel, but I’ve never felt anything like this. I don’t know I can say those words. I don’t think I can mean that much to you and I have never been thankful for a night spent talking to you. They may think we’re over but I know this will never end, just like the song. It will never get old, and we’ll never get tired of singing this to each other and one day we’ll find a way to turn those words into reality. I want to live this dream I had with you. ‘Cause even though how far we are we’ll always be connected and I’ll always hear you through this song.

I’ll start everything tomorrow. Maybe change will make its own way into my life. It’s really hard to force it to happen and at the same time tiring.

Those words I read from books and those I’ve heard from people around me are stronger than those words I heard inside churches.


There’s a song for every feeling. Every tear, every smile, every heartbreak and every victory. Music ignites the soul and strips us bare. It’s our very essence. Even if you have no one else to turn to and you feel all alone, remember that you can always find comfort in music.

“Wala ngang forever”

— Putangina

“Walang forever”


Now i’m back being the cold hearted bitch.