From a very long and winding road from Gate 1 all the way to Starbucks. Just walking.

How I miss adventures like this. Biglaan at kakaibang trip kasama yung mga baliw mong kaibigan. Who would ever thought that we would walk that far! That’s an absolute achievement! Hooray! Actually, it’s my first time to pass that hanging bridge and to go to starbucks. Medyo mangyan pero I’ve never been to starbucks before. That’s why I’m considering this day as one of the most amazing trips I’ve gone so far. I couldn’t really forget about the walk trip. Hahahaha ! By the way that’s my friend Zhaye over there. Isa sa mga kaibigan kong kayang sakyan lahat ng mga weirdong trip sa mundo. Had an amazing day ! I hope you guys also did :)

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